Stage 2 Soccer Gala Day

On Tuesday the 30th of July 2019, 18 students from stage 2 (years 3 and 4) attended the stage 2 Soccer Gala Day at Jamison Soccer Fields, Penrith. They showed great sportsmanship and really enjoyed having a go at playing the game. They learnt new ball skills such as dribbling and kicking and learned how to work as a team.

Student Soccer Gala Day Reflections

I liked how our group worked collaboratively. We also had fun playing against other schools. We also work hard to get 3 goals in total. Abby and Mary, Year 3.

I like how we worked as a team. I love soccer because you get to kick the ball and score goals. Gabriel A, Year 3.

I had fun. Elio, Year 3..

We played fairly in every game and we all tried to score as many goals as possible in each match. Catherine, year 4.

I like how we worked as a team and we got to work with Year 4. We also got to play soccer all day. We worked well as a team, especially in our last game, even though we didn’t score. Stephen, Charbel, Sebastian and Isaiah, Year 4.

What I liked about the Soccer Gala Day was we won three games. Tips for next time: We need to spread out more. Makayla, Year 4.

I scored the first goal and we used teamwork. Tips for next time: We were good at taking the ball off other schools. Anweshi, Year 4.

What I liked from the soccer gala day that we used teamwork and communication and had fun. Eden,Year 4.

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