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Holy Family Primary prides itself on giving our students access to a well-qualified staff with a commitment to lifelong learning.

The school employs professional classroom teachers, a learning support team comprising of leaders of literacy and diversity, a library assistant, as well as specialist dance/drama teachers.

A team of qualified teachers’ aides support student learning needs. The school also employs a maintenance person, two office staff and a school liaison officer.

Specialist services, such as counselling, educational testing and language support, are provided by consultants from the Catholic Education Office.

All staff at the school are involved in ongoing professional development to keep up-to-date with best practice in education.

Leadership Team
Principal: Mrs Yvette Baird
Assistant Principal: Mr Benjamin Munday
Religious Education Coordinator: Mr Stephen Bawden
Leader of Innovative Pedagogy: Mrs Lynn Coleman


Leaders of Learning - Kindergarten Mrs Nicole Irwin - CAPTIVATE Coordinator
Miss Delcie D'Mello
Mrs Bernadine Van Eyk
Ms Marese Peachey

Leaders of Learning - Year 1 Miss Rebecca Sargent - Infants Numeracy Leader
Mrs Amanda El Hawzi - LTST Coordinator, Leader of Innovative Pedagogy
Ms Dorothee Wallis Baker - EMU Specialist

Leaders of Learning - Year 2 Mrs Simone Edouard - Leader of Innovative Pedagogy
Miss Kim Doherty

Leaders of Learning - Year 3 Mrs Diane Michael - Primary Numeracy Leader, Primary EMU Specialist
Miss Aimee El Turk
Ms Dorothee Wallis Baker - EMU Specialist 

Leaders of Learning - Year 4 Mrs Julie Floyd - LTST Coordinator, Leader of Innovative Pedagogy
Miss Natalie Kheris

Leaders of Learning - Year 5 Mrs Natalie Bratby
Mrs Jessica Tredinnick
Miss Theresa Bainy - Infants EMU Specialist

Leaders of Learning - Year 6 Mr Benjamin Munday - Leader of Innovative Pedagogy
Mr Michael Oude Vreilink 

RFF Ms Marese Peachey 
Mrs Vanessa Elias/ Mrs Jessica Tredinnick 

 Leader of Literacy Mrs Fiona Ardus

 Library Technician Mrs Lyn Gordon

 Leaders of Diversity Miss Jenn Warwick - Leader of Diverse Needs, Reading Recovery
Mr Stephen Bawden - Reading Recovery

 Teacher Assistants Mrs Sue Issa
Mrs Cindy Celik

 Community Liason Mrs Fadia Rizk

 School Counsellor Mrs Jacqui Shoobridge 

 Administration Mrs Heidi Ali - Senior Finance Officer
Mrs Linda Zammit - Administration Officer

 ICT Trainee Mr Patrick El-Bayeh

 Stage 3 Concert Band Teachers Ms Francoise d'Unienville 
Ms Samantha Hopwood

 Maintenance  Mr Ken Beardsley

 Cleaning Staff Mrs Carmen Borg
Mr John Nohra



Contact Us

Holy Family Primary
199 The Trongate 
East Granville
NSW 2142

tel: 9637 6020
fax: 9637 8464

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Contact Us

  • Holy Family Primary
    199 The Trongate 
    East Granville
    NSW 2142

    tel: 9637 6020
    fax: 9637 8464

  •  Send us an email
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